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First things first.

Since I started to work as a Front End Developer I’ve been studying and learning new things every single day and I think now it’s a good time to start share my humble knowledge and other main reason is that I haven’t studying English (Yes..shame on me!) just technical/theory stuff.
Ah I moved from Brazil to US months ago and I want to make my English even better than my Portuguese.

So read in English is very common for me but now I need to make my mind think as a native American (I’m half American by the way but I lived in Brazil for 21 years) explore new words therefore what is the best way to explore those words than practice writing a blog.

triple win here. I will practice my English, keep learning technical stuff and share some knowledge :)

So please be patient and feel free to contribute.

Published 30 Jan 2013

Software Engineer focused in Javascript applications
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