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The filter bubble and your social life online.

At the same time Internet give us liberty to think and see different points about our world in culture, politics, nature, life in general the internet is made by “man” and we have our own perspective of the world. Therefore we are doing the same exactly mistakes we are doing offline it’s just another digital space 1 and 0’s.

It’s sort of funny sometimes how we push things turning every person the “product of the environment” even on digital.

I’ll never deny that technology in particular internet changed the world for better but I still think we could do much better when we start to change our mindset as a “person” for the community.

Watching this great video we can see that people don’t loose their old habits to live in their “boxes” and continue to create their “Extended Mind”

Are we going backwards?!

I also suggest..

you to watch this incredible documentary called Internet Rising investigating the evolving relationships between the Internet and collective consciousness of humanity. It provokes many questions about ancient and modern paradoxes of life. You definitely should check it out.

Both videos are great to inspired us to think about almost everything surround us in the digital life.

Published 27 Feb 2013

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