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Soundnode App - Soundcloud for Desktop developer release

Last night I decided to release as beta version for Developer a project I have been working in the last week and make available as Open Source.


Three years ago I started work as a developer and one of the things I have been using since then is Soundcloud I used to use their desktop application till the day they stopped support it. to know more about it here.

Turns out that I miss my native shortcuts while listening to Soundcloud on the web browser.. Therefore I decided to solve my problem but also release as open source so contributors can suggest “new” features.. and here it is.

Soundnode App

Soundnode App is a open source project to support Soundcloud for desktop (Windows/Mac) built with Node-Webkit, Node.js Angular.js and consuming Soundcloud API.

Why beta Developer release

I built the core but I have been working on other projects in parallel and I still want to release Soundnode App as fast as I can to the public so I thought that the community would help to get this project going faster than one man.

The project is on the Github Soundnode App. Constructive (or not) feedback is always welcome.


Published 13 May 2014

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