Soundnode App - Soundcloud for desktop released

19 Jun 14

Soundnode App - The Soundcloud for desktop beta released!
That being said you download the best version to your computer here and out of the box click, authenticate your user and start to listen to songs.

Sublime Text 3 jump to definition/method

Current Features

  • Search
  • Keyboard shortcuts (not native for this release) Play/Pause command+return or space, Prev command+left, Next command+right, Volume down command+down, Volume up command+up, Cheat-sheet shift+? (ps: use ctrl for Windows/PC user)
  • Listen to songs from your Streams, Likes, Tracks or Playlists
  • Automatic update available notification

There's still known minor bugs which you can track on the issues list
and lots of features to come.


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