Why I haven't been blogging?!

26 Apr 16


I haven't been blogging for a long time but there is real reasons for that starting with work where I was working on projects that required me to work long hours and/or travel to another cities.

The remaining energy I had I would use for Soundnode which got a lot of traction after TNW featured on the website with that a lot of people started using so I had decided to get some bugs/improvements that would annoy people (aka I gave some more love for the project).

And the biggest reason is that I would use the spare time to work on a new product I just released for private beta users.. it's called Solshal which is the easiest way to bookmark and organize your links.

I'm coming back

While working on Solshal because I did everything and I meant everything from Client-side where I use technologies like React, React-Router, Redux and a couple of other stacks to Server-side where the API is built with Node.js/MongoDB some cool password encryption, JSONTOkENS, etc to DevOps work where I use AWS EC2, AWS S3, Docker to design and business model.

I got say that once you stop to think more about you realize it's a lot of work.

Anyway, those are the reasons I haven't been blogging but I promise get back to it at least try to post some non-technical post at first just to get up to speed.


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