Ep.5 Data Structures and Algorithms with JS - Binary Search

19 Nov 2016

One of the most know and perhaps most used search algorithm. Binary Search.

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HTML5 Dev Conf 2015 overview

29 Oct 2015

A quick overview of what I saw at the HTML5 dev conf in San Francisco

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Javascript Unit Test for UI developers

12 Aug 2015

Unit tests for UI developers is a underground world and today we will explore this world a bit, this is not a deep dive in the tools or Unit Test philosophy, for that you can find endless resource around the web.

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IoT for fun and Lazyness

01 Jul 2015

So there was I at Battlehack Chicago brainstorming ideas...

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Soundnode App and its 10k plus downloads

21 May 2015

Soundnode App reached more than 10 plus thousand downloads and it's been great!

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What you should know about React.js

12 May 2015

When starting with React.js do not think forget about old paradigms, leave what you know about developing UI's outside. Focus on the ideas implemented in the library.

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Accessing folder recursively with Node.js

28 Jan 2015

A very quick post on how to access folders recursively with Node.js.

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Ep.4 Data Structures and Algorithms with JS - Stacks

26 Jan 2015

Let's talk about Pringles tube today..I meant Stack data structure another ADT used to solve problems

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Ep.3 Data Structures and Algorithms with JS - Lists

11 Jan 2015

Let's get start and see how data structures can help us design better software solutions...today I'm going to talk briefly about Lists

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Murphy's law for programmers

21 Nov 2014

Murphy's law in the life of a programmer useful for every Friday 5pm EOD.

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Migrating Jekyll to Ghost

04 Nov 2014

When I decided to migrate my blog platform Jekyll to Ghost blog platform I did not find any simple/useful way to export/import my posts besides this old Ruby script which did not work for me.. So I decided to solve this problem creating a nice npm module called Nodejs-Jekyll-to-Ghost which do the heavy work for those that want to migrate to ghost from Jekyll.

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Ep.2 Data Structures and Algorithms with JS - Arrays

03 Sep 2014

This is the second post on the series of Data Structure and Algorithms with JS - focused on Array. Notice that this is a overview/start point for those that need to brush up your knowledge on Arrays where we are going to be using on the future with more complex posts.

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Javascript Object Oriented simple form validation

25 Aug 2014

Today I want to show you how to build a simple form validation with Object Oriented programming in Javascript.

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Ep.1 Data Structures and Algorithms with JS

06 Aug 2014

I don't have officially a Computer Science degree.. But clearly nowadays you wont need a degree as engineer. You just need to be passionate to what you do and have that eager to learn and always evolve.

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Speaking at Front in BH conference

30 Jul 2014

Last weekend I spoke at Front in BH the biggest conference for Front End developers and related areas in Brazil.

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Soundnode App - Soundcloud for desktop released

19 Jun 2014

Soundnode App - The Soundcloud for desktop beta released!

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Soundnode App - Soundcloud for Desktop developer release

13 May 2014

Last night I decided to release as beta version for Developer a project I have been working in the last week and make available as Open Source.

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Sublime Text 3 jump to definition/method

03 Mar 2014

Quick blog post to show you how to easily add the feature goto or jump to definition on Sublime text 3 with custom shortcut.

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Web and Automotive.

26 Feb 2014

I have been very curious about developing any kind of software for cars.. but of course I would be much more interested in develop using Open Web Technologies perhaps HTML5/CSS3 and Javascript how AWESOME that would be?

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DOM insert HTML method you might not know

08 Jan 2014

Everybody knows/use "innerHTML" to insert HTML but I was looking at the MDN website jumping between Web API's I did not know and one of them got my attention it's called insertAdjacentHTML..

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Why I like GulpJS more than GruntJS

06 Jan 2014

2013 was the year of GruntJS (I have a post about it) but beginning of 2014 a new cool kid on the block show up..

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PS4 Alerts using BBY API

12 Dec 2013

Long story short.. I didn't want to check Best Buy every day to see if PS4 is available..So I built this Web Application to check every one (1) minute Best Buy Data and if find any PS4 available in store or online will send me an email notification with a direct link to the product.

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Experience Chicago through Instagram

10 Dec 2013

Since the amount (just a few) of people sharing pictures on Instagram with Lollapalooza hashtag isn't the same as when the event was happening I decided to create Chicagogram.us with the hashtag

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CSS Bad and Good practices

01 Nov 2013

Today I'm sharing my presentation/slide about CSS bad and good practices and some really good tips. Hopefully this contribution to the community will help developers and designers make better products..FYI this can hurt your feeling.

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We are influenced by people

15 Oct 2013

It's about questioning what surround us to try understand things. The pragmatic programmer is a book that I'm looking forward to read after finish Javascript Web Applications..but for now this is what I would like to share related to the topic of this book.

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My Micro-Library called Jet.js

24 Sep 2013

My love for Javascript just get bigger and also my knowledge but that's not what I'm going to blog about today.. at this time I'm going to post about the Micro-Library I created Jet.js

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Deploying Node.js server on Heroku Cloud

19 Sep 2013

As a developer I have been always curious to learn and try new technologies that can improve my skill and help me build better Web Applications..So today I'm going to try help you set up a simple Node.js server on Heroku Cloud using my small open source project aims deploy even faster Node.js applications.

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How I built Lollagram with Instagram real time API

09 Sep 2013

A month ago was the event Lollapalooza in Chicago and some co-workers from my former company had an idea two years ago (if I'm not wrong) to develop a web Application showing latest pictures people were sharing from the event..and this year I wanted to take it to the next level.

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Tonight's inspiration

25 Aug 2013

I haven't posted anything a while which is a shame but I had good reasons and I should be doing why on my next post but this post is made to show what inspire me in some nights, what makes me think how wonderful world is and how much we cna learn from it.

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Introduction to GruntJS

01 Jun 2013

Which developer never wasted time doing repetitive and boring tasks instead of being focused on what we do best "Code".

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From San Francisco to the Brazilian developers community.

06 Apr 2013

I went to the HTML5 Developers Conference in San Francisco (01 Apr 13 to 03 Apr 13) and there I met some awesome developers from Brazil and as they are very active to help the developers community in Brazil with speaks, presentations and events they decided record a chat with me talking about how it is work in US, how I got a job here and some good tips for those that want to try this adventure.

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Fluid iframe without use of javascript.

12 Mar 2013

Simple technique to make fluid iframes without use of javascript or plugins.

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CSS Architecture for Web Applications.

08 Mar 2013

Write CSS is more complex than some developers, software engineers and designers think and If you are a "Dogma" "best practice" person this post might hurt your feelings.

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Secrets of Lea Verou about CSS.

03 Mar 2013

I'm not sure when it was but in the end of 2011 or beginning of 2012 I saw Lea Verou talking about "CSS3 Secrets - 10 things you might not know about CSS3" and it was great see how many great techniques we can use to achieve our client - side goals.

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Inspirational Art and Code by Joshua Davis.

28 Feb 2013

A friend of mine shared this great talk by Joshua Davis at W3Conf in San Francisco..his work is very inspirational.

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The filter bubble and your social life online.

27 Feb 2013

At the same time Internet give us liberty to learn and see different things about our world, about cultures, politics, nature, life in general...

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Let's talk about rem units.

26 Feb 2013

I think choose the right units of measurement have been always not "cool" enough but now with the popularity and acceptance of the Responsive Design people are thinking more about scale typography.

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Two years ago everything started.

25 Feb 2013

This is a little history about my journey when two years ago I passed a test and got my first paid job as a Front End Developer Jr.

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What technologies I'm using to blog?!

30 Jan 2013

I needed a new look and like I said in my last (first) post I love to learn and experiment new things and at the same time I'm not very fan of Wordpress as a developer point of view.

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First things first.

30 Jan 2013

Hi there! This is my first post at all and I will try explain shortly why I decided to change my portfolio to a hybrid?!.

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