About Me

Hey there! I'm a seasoned software engineer focused on Javascript apps with over 12 years of experience. I've been fortunate to work in various industries and different projects, from web to mobile to desktop to hardware.

Currently, a Lead software engineer at Mission Lane.

I love sharing my knowledge and ideas with the tech community. You might have caught me giving talks in the USA, Brazil, and Germany. It's been awesome connecting with great people and learning from them.

I even made it into a cool book 14 Habits of Highly Productive Developers that features top software engineers! It's a great feeling to be recognized and has participated in so many different projects, like when I built an open source desktop music player to support Soundcloud for desktop. You might have seen this app featured on some tech news websites or even used it.

When not coding, You can find me outdoors exploring new places, or being active with sports.