Soundnode App and its 10k plus downloads

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Soundnode App reached more than 10 thousand plus downloads and it's been great!

How Everything started

I started Soundnode App with one goal in mind which was solve a personal problem, I wanted to be able to use media keyboards shortcuts.
Although I could use Soundcloud in the browser, the shortcuts are available just when I had Soundcloud as my current tab.

I'm big fan of trying new technologies to learn new skills, so solve this personal problem was the perfect opportunity to use NW.js and learn Angular.js more in depth.
With that being said I also had my mind on managing a "big" project and devs (contributors) working towards the goals and it's priorities.. a bit of product design and developing from start to finish.

I also wanted to open-source it to keep open for any suggestion and improvements, I'm a big believer that the open-source community transform lives besides push projects to it's limits of quality, so the first version released was just for developers and if I'm not mistaken less than a month later I released the official version for anyone to download the files from Soundnode App.

10 thousand plus downloads

I had no idea if people would use it or not, but today I have 10 thousand plus downloads and lots of people sending emails and twitting at me making compliments.

And that's a great feeling when you do something for fun and you end up solving others people problems.

And there's more, I spoke in Brazil about Soundnode App at the biggest conference for front end developers in Brazil (more about it Here), and in Chicago.

Therefore, no more words, just that the journey on this project has been a great learning experience.

What now?

I want to thank you those that downloaded the project, sent feedback (negative or positive) and for those that contributed with code and hours working on fixes, improvements and new features. Thank you!

Wait. Calm down.. I won't stop supporting and improving Soundnode.. I actually added two new contributors as core team to the project so the next releases can be as fast as possible, focused in the user, quality and simplicity.

I'm planning re-write the entire Application using React.js to boost the performance and maybe improve the App architecture (I'm pretty happy with the current architecture though) and of course because I want to try React.js in a bigger open-source project.

I want to keep this short, so thank you again and cheers.

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