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Last weekend I spoke at Front in BH 2014 (in Belo Horizonte - Br) the biggest conference for Front End developers in Brazil.

All speakers at Front in BH 2014

Speakers and Conference staff

I'm going to start saying that the conference was amazing. The organization was incredibly great. The topic that each speaker spoke was very enjoyable and knowledgeable.
There was attendees from 4 different countries and at least 3 speakers were foreign as well known companies like Liferay, Github, Opera, Globo.com, Avenue Code and more.

The talks were from "UI testing frameworks" "Node.js" "UX on Google Glass" "Workflow for designers and developers" "Polifylls" "augmented reality on the Web" to more client-side/Javascript related topics.

My talk

Michael Lancaster on beyond the web with Nodewebkit

The title of my talk is/was Beyond the Web where I exploited the difficulties of a Web developer on build native Apps for desktop or mobile (the talk was focused on desktop) and showed how this is easily possible nowadays with many App runtimes like Nodewebkit.

I was a bit nervous but I was more excited to present a nice content to the attendees and show them new possibilities therefore I was prepared and happy to be there speaking about that topic to a such good crowd of people wanting to learn new things.

You can check out my slides on Speaker deck or below.

I had a wonderful experience. Now. I hope do more talks.

Attendees (the ones that stayed until the end), Speakers and conference staff

Attendees and speakers

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