Tonight's inspiration

I haven't posted anything a while which is a shame but I had good reasons and I should be doing a post about it on my next post but this post is made to show what inspire me love this world what makes me think how wonderful things are and how much we can learn from our world.

Love and Life

Love. Perhaps just a word for some but at the same time very powerful. Love drives us to different things in life. Good things and bad things. Both..So many perspectives from different cultures and races but same origin. Your inside.

Love inspire me in some many different ways and I'm not ashamed to say I believe in true love. And here it's very interesting to see some ways people want to express love.

You decide which one suits you.

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Technology and Inspiration

Another thing that inspires me can, changed and has being changed the world as love for good or for bad. Technology..but on this post I will show you what inspired me tonight..

First one is how Netflix is delivering high quality WebKit based UIs to televisions, game consoles and Blu-ray players. this talk will discuss fluid animation with hardware acceleration, achieving high framerates using accelerated compositing, responding to constant user input, as well as balancing strategies for best performance on over 450 high-end to low-end devices.

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Second one discuss how programming has being changing people and the future of programming. The way the speaker approach the subject is a very creative and interesting thing.

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If it all doesn't makes sense to you don't worry lot of things in life doesn't makes sense.

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