What technologies I'm using to blog?!

I needed a new look and as I said in my last (first) post I love to learn and experiment new things and at the same time I'm not very fan of Wordpress as a developer point of view either. I agree it is a good CMS/Blog Tool that helps us delivery great products in short time for clients therefore it's good for business but Wordpress "themes" has a bunch of ugly, messy code and sometimes happens to be infected by other plugins/scripts causing headaches or even worst.

Long story short

I started looking for something more elegant that I could use git to deploy So I tried Github Pages and Jekyll a "blog-aware, static site generator in Ruby" that uses Liquid template to process the templates. But I would do experiments with Node.js and Ruby someday so I choose Heroku (cloud application platform for build, deploy, and run cloud apps using Ruby, Node.js, Clojure, Java, Python and Scala).

I can run and test locally, pretty simple.

foreman start

And After see my changes I want to deploy directly to my cloud.

git add .
git commit -m "my message"
git push origin master

Done! Beautiful! Everything up and running.

In the Back-End

  • Heroku Server (AWESOME cloud application platform).
  • Ruby (Jekyll, liquid template).
  • Git to deploy to my Heroku Cloud.

In the Front-End

  • HTML5 (Markup).
  • CSS3 (SASS/COMPASS) Modular Development Based.
  • Responsive Design.
  • JS (jQuery).
  • Markdown (Blogging).
  • Disqus (comments).

I may do a better explanation how it works further on but for now I need some posts.

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